ColdFusion web sites are sets of the web pages similar to other Web sites. The main unique feature of it is that web pages in ColdFusion have the server–side ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) in addition to HTML. This facilitates to control the behavior of client web application, incorporate a wide range of server technologies and dynamically create the content that is returned to the Web browser.

1) mainly Learn How To Build interactive and scalable Web applications by using ColdFusion Develop complex scripts and rich Web forms with ColdFusion programming tools.

2) Construct database-driven Web sites with dynamic content Implement error-handling techniques.

3) Write reusable code with user-defined functions, custom tags, and components
Integrate Web services to share information and execute remote code

And one morething ColdFusion is a leading Web development tool that runs on the powerful Java EE infrastructure and integrates with JDBC-compliant databases.

4) Manipulate and retrieve database information, validate and process user input, reuse code and incorporate Web services.

5) Creating and processing Web forms with conditional logic and loops
Performing server- and client-side validation to improve data collection
Querying and updating databases using SQL commands

6) Building maintainable sites with custom tags, components and Web services
Adding search capabilities to Websites

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