From where to start learning ColdFusion?

Installation of ColdFusion
To install ColdFusion, You can pick a web server to use or the one that ColdFusion will install when you install ColdFusion. There are several webservers like IIS, Apache which can be use while installing ColdFusion. will not discuss how to install a web server there are lots of websites who can teach you how to install ColdFusion. OR has ColdFusion for download. During the install when you get to the serial number you can simply choose Developer and it will let you install a full working version of ColdFusion that will work for you locally with the limitations being the number of IP’s that can access it. There are plenty of websites you can find that will tell you detailed instructions on installing ColdFusion including Adobe’s own website.

Which Tool should be used to write code?

  • Dreamweaver (Dreamweaver is not open source.)
  • CFEclipse (CFEclipse is opensource.)
I have used both of these and I don't know which one is better. Sometimes CFEclipse has issues and forces me to use Dreamweaver. However some great features of CFEclipse which I really like. If you can't afford to purchase Dreamweaver then I guess you would use CFEclipse since it's free.

What type of learning am I, The Student or The Expert?
Before some times I read an article describing different styles of learning. I really found it to be very insightful. The Student is someone who reads all of the instructions and the books about something before attempting it. The pros of someone like this are that they tend to know a lot about a subject when they are done with very few holes of knowledge to fill in. The cons of someone like this are that they take a long time to get started getting anything done. The Experimenter is someone who jumps right in and start working to solve a problem. The pros of someone like this are that they can get to solving problems and sometimes find answers rather quickly. The cons of someone like this are that they may have holes in their knowledge that takes a while to fill in. I feel that I am the Experimenter. I can jump in and solve problems on code that I barely understand. I do not have to understand everything an application to discover an issue. Since I am an Experimenter I tend to think all programmers are like me. So if I lose you then let me know how I can update my articles to help you be the Student you are. I will teach mostly by examples of code.

Now What ?

First you need to create the simple ColdFusion page and test that ColdFusion is working on your site.

Save the above code to a file and browse to it so you can verify that ColdFusion is installed and working correctly.

What is next?

While learning ColdFusion there is a lot of things you will hear about like Object Oriented Programming, Procedural Programming, Frameworks, MVC, AJAX, Project Management, Comparing ColdFusion to other languages and much more. We will start from the beginner’s viewpoint so we might not get to these subjects for a while. I want to lead you through several steps and try to help you but not teaching Advanced Ideas before you have learning the basics.

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