This is probably obvious to most of you out there but, just in case you missed it there is a setting in the CF Admin panel that will help keep your cfclasses directory from getting huge.

On the "Caching" page of CF Admin there is a checkbox titled "Save class files" if you are in development you should seriously keep that UNCHECKED.

Here's an example to illustrate why that is a good idea. We are working on a semi-complicated CF app using Model-Glue and Coldspring. When the site is first hit, after starting CF server, 3,002 .class files are generated and placed in the cfclasses directory. Now, imagine you are editing and revisiting some of those files (or flushing the entire MG cache). That number keeps on growing and growing. Eventually, something will go wrong and you'll want to delete some .class files to make sure you are seeing the latest code. However, because your cfclasses directory is so huge you won't even be able to "cd" into it. Your system will appear to hang. Trying to delete the directories contents will take a long, long time.

What do you do? Well you just uncheck that damn box. That will prevent a huge backlog of files from building up in the cfclasses directory in the first place.

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