ColdFusion, from Allaire, provides an application development platform suitable for network software. Although it's not as glamorous as, say, cold fusion nuclear energy, ColdFusion does include some exciting technology in its own right.

In a nutshell, ColdFusion provides components that enable the creation of dynamic, database-powered Web applications. By "Web applications," I mean software applications and services built with Web technologies -- both public Internet and intranet software. Examples of potential ColdFusion Applications on the intranet in particular include business process automation, training, content management, and bulletin board conferencing. On the Internet, ColdFusion can play a role in ecommerce sites just to name one example.

ColdFusion possesses a number of features that make it potentially appealing for Web development. It offers a high-level programming model not drastically different from the HTML files and editors that many Webmasters already know. It has been designed to allow for the integration of custom modules -- important for organizations looking to tailor software to fit their specific needs. And it supports connectivity to databases.


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